100 joyful moments.

they say that bad things come in threes. that when it rains it pours. or that you will never be given more than you can handle, even when it feels like you’re drowning. I get frustrated and distracted and even detached. sometimes I feel like it’s 11pm before I get to sit down and everything out of my mouth is negative and covered in thorns. my littles have had to make their own Pb & J for dinner while I take a grown up time out, to salvage what small amount of my sanity still exists. my friends and partner know that I sometimes shut down completely regardless of how good things are around me. and there are more than a few memories that aren’t so sweet.

but, at the end of the day, I hope that I am still able to hold on to at least one moment where love won out over everything else. I’ve decided to share, over the next six months or so, at least 100 of those moments of joy. the simple, the adventurous, the completely silly. inspired by the pursuit of joy project. to hold myself accountable for my own happiness and to cultivate as much of it as possible by calling it when I feel it…

  1. unexpected evenings off, dodging rain, and patio weather {09.01.2018}

2. fireworks {09.02.2018}

3. a full day spent with different groups of friends {09.03.2018}

4. sleeping in on a work day… thanks little humans {09.05.2018}

5. diy spa night with Kiwi & Cookie {09.06.2018}

6. a rainy night in {09.07.2018}

7. surprise lunch & coffee with babe {09.08.2018}

8. all our friends & family together for cookie’s birthday party {09.09.2018}

9. froyo with the littles {09.11.2018}

10. flexing my skills on a new task at work {09.12.2018}

11. a room full of sweet friends supporting my art. {09.14.2018}

12. spending time with a friend who was in town from Chicago {09.15.2018}

13. sunflower fields {09.17.2018}

14. warm brownies. compliments of Chef Kiwi. {09.18.2018}

15. starting a new book {09.19.2018}

16. being in pajamas by 6pm {09.20.2018}

17. half days at home that include finding a new bakery & farmers market hopping {09.21.2018}

18. watching babe DJ the biggest show of her career- also my first big EDM show {09.22.2018}

19. super quick snuggles with Freya & chats with my fav couple ( thegemcitymama.com ) at Oktoberfest {09.23.2018}

20. coffee deliveries & love notes {09.25.2018}

21. playing games with the littles {09.26.2018}

22. grey’s season premiere {09.27.2018}

23. watching kiwi conquer a tough skill at gymnastics {09.28.2018}

24. a full day of adventures with babe including making homemade ravioli and eating dessert on the couch {09.29.2018}

25. taking a selfie that made me feel pretty {09.30.2018}

26. this is us {10.02.2018}

27. getting a comment from a sweet Instagram friend on my blog post {10.03.2018}

28. first attempt at caramel apples with the littles and babe {10.04.2018}

29. meeting new friends while celebrating a new baby {10.06.2018}

30. lunch with my dad, a good hike, and s’mores! full day. {10.07.2018}

31. paid holiday off {10.08.2018}

32. Carillon Park adventure day for fall break {10.09.2018}

33. baking bread in my pajamas. soundtrack by Joni Mitchell {10.10.2018}

34. keeping up with traditions at Kleather’s Pumpkin Patch {10.11.2018}

35. pen pal letters {10.12.2018}

36. Fearfest with the twin & besties {10.13.2018}

37. a Sunday of rest {10.14.2018}

38. little human chats over ice cream sandwiches {10.15.2018}

39. the sunset & james brown {10.16.2018}

40. listening to my friend Tino on WYSO. so cool! {10.17.2018}

41. taking the boy human to his first basketball practice, even though he wouldn’t let me stay and watch. {10.18.2018}

42. getting a shiny new button with kiwi’s gymnastics photo on it (embarrassing mom here I come) {10.19.2018}

43. finally dressing as the Sanderson Sisters with family for my niece’s Hocus Pocus 6th birthday party {10.20.2018}

44. girls day at Kings Island {10.21.2018}

45. making bone broth with my mama {10.22.2018}

46. hugging my sweet little one after our car accident {10.23.2018}

47. reading kind words and prayers from our friends {10.24.2018}

48. sunrise {10.25.2018}

49. volunteering at cookie’s book fair and bringing her lunch to school {10.26.2018}

50. cooking for my friends {10.27.2018}

51. the sun peaking out for our trip to the Renaissance Faire with the littles {10.28.2018}

52. alone time outside before bed {10.29.2018}

53. letting go of a conflict so I could find peace with it instead {10.30.2018}

54. trick or treating! {10.31.2018}

55. morning meditation {11.01.2018}

56. choosing family over everything {11.02.2018}

57. nature therapy {11.03.2018}

58. expressing contentment with an uncertain future {11.04.2018}

59. taking time to stay organized so I don’t get anxious {11.05.2018}

60. rockin’ the vote! {11.06.2018}

61. sleeping a full 8 {11.07.2018}

62. leaving work stress at work and coming home to my own space {11.09.2018}

63. sushi and Netflix in bed {11.10.2018}

64. the littles coming home early {11.11.2018}

65. braving a big family decision/purchase on my own. the adultiest {11.12.2018}

66. getting up 20 minutes earlier than the littles to a quiet house and coffee, even if it was to work extra {11.14.2018}

67. being able to make it to both girls’ practices and have them home for the night {11.16.2018}

68. watching two of my favorite people do the things they love. congrat kims & kiwi! {11.17.2018}

69. festive hometown holiday things {11.18.2018}

70. a handful of deep breaths when feeling overwhelmed {11.19.2018}

71. a night with no little human activities {11.20.2018}

72. acquiring the worlds coziest pair of slipper socks {11.21.2018}

73. full day of family & thankfulness {11.22.2018}

74. all the littles and cousins watching Cookie in the parade, even if we could barely see her {11.23.2018}

75. game night to celebrate a friend’s birthday {11.24.2018}

76. making a new tradition at the Christmas tree farm {11.25.2018}

77. buying cookie’s Christmas gift that she’s been saving her own money for over the last year {11.26.2018}

78. tree trimming. soundtrack by Penny & Sparrow Christmas songs {11.27.2018}

79. sitting with my sweet girl after surgery {11.28.2018}

80. fresh lashes {11.29.2018}

81. sleeping in {11.30.2018}

82. making it to all my social commitments without depleting myself {12.01.2018}

83. spending the morning celebrating an anniversary {12.02.2018}

84. waiting room laughs with Cookie {12.03.2018}

85. catching up on Great British Baking Show thanks to an early bedtime {12.04.2018}

86. quiet time on my lunch break {12.05.2018}

87. the most delicious leftovers {12.06.2018}

88. catching up with the dearest friend {12.07.2018}

89. a brand new day planner for 2019 {12.09.2018}

90. watching my little one use faith & strength to overcome an obstacle at the doctor’s office {12.10.2018}

91. what did you learn in 2018: the power of a good skin care routine {12.13.2018}

92. what did you learn in 2018: that my impatience and procrastination can sometimes be used for good. sitting still + presence= reflection & time to think things through. {12.14.2014}

93. what did you learn in 2018: my body can no longer sleep in past 10:00 no matter how tired I am. {12.15.2018}

94. what did you learn in 2018: I am pretty great at making plans, decent at keeping them, and terrible at letting go of guilt when they fall apart. {12.16.2018}

95. what did you learn in 2018: in mom life, days without multiple things jotted in your day planner, usually just means you’re forgetting something. {12.17.2018}

96. what did you learn in 2018: taking care of others does not afford you the good karma necessary to thrive without taking care of yourself, as well. but good tea, good rest, and lots of soup help. {12.18.2019}

97. what did you learn in 2018: how to wear COLOR! {12.20.2018}

98. what did you learn in 2018: showing up for people I care about and letting them show up for me without expectation is an amazing gift {12.22.2018}

99. what did you learn in 2018: slow mornings are the best way to recharge my battery. {12.23.2018}

100. what did you learn in 2018: I am exactly where I need to be; discovering how to make life’s messes matter. {12.26.2018}

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